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I Really Don’t Need More Than Three or Four Sips

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It is interesting to see people walking around with larger and larger coffee mugs. I find myself going smaller and smaller.

It is true that I drink more espresso than drip coffee, thus the resulting beverage is “a bit” stronger and a few ounces at a time is all I need.

My current favorite is a 6 ounce cup that I never fill up. I have another that is a three ounce cup which is perfect for a double espresso anytime throughout the day. Here are some basics about espresso which lead to my title above.

  1. Espresso is an extraction method. Rather than using gravity like a drip coffee maker, espresso uses 132 pounds of pressure to force the almost boiling water through the finely ground coffee beans.
  2. The resulting brew is no more than 2 ounces of coffee heaven. With thick, luscious crema on top, the essence of coffee is now in your cup. The crema consists of millions of tiny bubbles each carrying the essence of coffee aroma in its purest form. Thus the intense flavor of espresso.
  3. So now you have 3-4 sips of heaven in your cup. You should be able to drink it down in about 2 minutes. Enjoying every tiny crema bubble and the beautiful, dark brown liquid gold hiding underneath.

Yep three or four sips of that several times a day and you are on the way to really getting the most out of your coffee experience. But that’s just me. How do you best enjoy your coffee?

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